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2018-07-15 Botanical garden in copenhagen Show Me 
Another day with sunshine..
2018-05-19 Botanical garden in copenhagen
Another day with sunshine..
2018-05-12 Birkegårdens Haver
Finaly some time off..
2015-04-12 Maledives
Way to few days in the Maledives :)
2015-02-23 USA / Miami
Too much work in 2014, so only a few pictures from my trips to USA / Miami
2013-05-19 Gumball 3000 in Copenhagen
2013-05-12 Nice weather, and a small trip to the Botanical Garden
2013-02-11 Short trip to Paris
2012-08-11 Go Dream Ballon Cup - 2012
2012-08-11 Poppy's 2012-08 makes me smile..
2012-06-21 Amorphophallus titanum, the big plant with the bad smell!
2012-06-06 Pictures taken at Birkegårdens Haver added.
2012-05-26 Summer in copenhagen! Some pictures from Copenhagen Carnival 2012.
2012-05-19 A small trip to Fredensborg to look at red car's.
2011-06-19 Another divingtrip to egypt.
2011-06-03 Trying to clear up my mind. Ended up in some new pictures.
2010-07-14 Some new pictures after a "interesting" trip to Egypt.
2009-09-17 Finally made an update to my gallery function.
Now the pictures should be sorted.
2009-09-16 Updated again with some new pictures
This time from Bangaluru in India.
Not the best pictures I have taken, some out of a car! But due to request, here they are.
2008-04-07 After many years without any news or updates,
this site is finally updated.

Added new gallery's.
Some of the Old-Gallery's will be added later.
Tried to cleanup the links.